The Knowledge Graph
management system

LinkedDataHub is open source software you can use to manage data,
create visualizations and build apps on RDF Knowledge Graphs

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For developers

Build applications without writing code

  • Data-driven UI and API provided out ouf the box
  • Reuse, configure, customize and extend declarative components
  • Exploit the flexibility of RDF data and SPARQL query
For data engineers

Get answers to your questions

  • Import tabular data and turn it into Linked Data
  • Analyze local and remote data using SPARQL query
  • Visualize query results
For business managers

Create value from your company's data

  • Manage existing Knowledge Graph or build one from scratch
  • Get an overview using faceted search and visualizations
  • Launch applications faster than ever

Uniform user experience

Powerful features

User interface
  • Graph editing
  • Visualizations
  • Faceted search
Data management
  • Access control
  • Quality control
  • Data imports
  • Low code
  • Full extensibility
  • Command line interface
  • SPARQL endpoint
  • Linked Data API
  • Docker-based deployment


Content Management System Web framework LinkedDataHub
Change domain model Write code Write code Use UI or CLI
Change UI layout
Change API logic Write code Write code Single generic API
Edit documents Write code
Edit metadata Write code