Navigate data

Navigate the document hierarchy, related results, and backlinks

Document tree

Document tree is a widget that enables quick overview of the application's document hierarchy. Each document is shown as a node in the tree; container documents can be expanded to reveal the children documents.

The widget can be accessed by sliding the mouse to the left edge of the screen (on responsive layouts, it is always visible).

Document tree


Parallax navigation is a rather unique navigation approach that lends itself perfectly to graph data. It is enabled for container content and shown as Related results in the right-side navigation. Parallax allows "jumping" from a result set to a related result set using the selected RDF property. It works in combination with faceted search which can be used to filter the initial result set.

For example, facets can be used to filter a set products that belong to a certain category, and then parallax can be used to jump to a set of companies that provide those products, and then further on to a set representatives of those companies.

Related results

Backlinks are shown in the right-side navigation for every resource in property layout mode. They display a list of resources which have properties with the current resource as the object.