Built-in model terms

Model ontologies described here, as well as some other system and well-known ontologies, have a local copy in each LinkedDataHub instance. The URI-to-file mapping is defined as Jena's location mapping and can be found in location-mapping.n3 and prefix-mapping.n3.

Built-in classes
Ontology Class Subclass of Path Fragment Constructor Constrained properties
apl: apl:Dataset void:Dataset,sd:Graph {isPrimaryTopicOf.slug}/ this
apl:NamedGraph sd:NamedGraph
apl:Construct ldt:Query,sp:Construct {isPrimaryTopicOf.slug}/ this apl:QueryConstructor sp:text
apl:File dh:Item,nfo:FileDataObject apl:FileConstructor nfo:fileName
apl:Import prov:Activity {isPrimaryTopicOf.slug}/ this apl:ImportConstructor apl:action
apl:CSVImport apl:Import {isPrimaryTopicOf.slug}/ this apl:FileConstructor spin:query
apl:Chart {isPrimaryTopicOf.slug}/ this apl:ChartConstructor spin:query
apl:GraphChart apl:Chart apl:GraphChartConstructor apl:seriesProperty
apl:ResultSetChart apl:Chart apl:ResultSetChartConstructor apl:seriesVarName
dh: dh:Document foaf:Document {slug}/ dh:DocumentConstructor
dh:Container dh:Document,sioc:Container dh:ContainerConstructor
dh:Item dh:Document,sioc:Item

The constructor SPARQL query strings can be looked up in the RDF documents of the respective ontologies.