Create document

Learn how to create container and item documents

Read more about document management.

To create a container document (which can have children documents), follow these steps:

  1. Click the Create dropdown in the top-left corner
  2. Click on Container in the drop-down list that appears
  3. Fill out the mandatory fields in the form:
    Enter Concepts
    URI slug
    Enter concepts — this will be the relative path of the container
  4. Click Save

See how below:

Replace ${OWNER_KEY_PASSWORD} with its value from the .env file and execute the following command:

pushd . && cd "$SCRIPT_ROOT"

./ \
-b "https://localhost:4443/" \
-f certs/owner.p12.pem \
--title "${title}" \
--slug "${slug}" \
--parent "https://localhost:4443/" \


A container titled Concepts should appear with the URI https://localhost:4443/concepts/.

To create an item document, choose Item at step #2 above.